High Performance Run Out Roller Sleeves for the Aluminium Extrusion Industry.
Like most industries, the aluminium extrusion industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated and competitive as customer expectations rise inexorably higher. We produce a complete range of high temperature run out roller sleeves, transfer belts, transfer arms and walking beam covers to suit systems produced by any of the world's handling system manufacturers.
The Gold Roller
The Gold Roller™ is made from 100% PBO yarn. This is truly a 'high tech' yarn with better heat and abrasion resistance than any other high performance yarn. It also has a soft 'feel' and this makes it even more interesting.
PBO (polybenzoxazole) is a high performance fibre developed by Toyobo in Japan and sold under their registered name 'Zylon®'. It has superior tensile strength and modulus to aramid fibres (such as Kevlar®). It also offers excellent performance in such properties as chemical resistance, creep, and cut/abrasion resistance. The tensile strength and impact energy absorption of PBO is more than twice that of aramid yarns.
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The Red Roller
The aluminium extrusion industry has long been seeking a high performance run out roller sleeve which can be used to support extrusions from the press and down the run out without rapid deformation from pressure or degradation from heat.
After many years of continuous development we succeeded in producing a run out roller sleeve with better performance characteristics than the previous styles which have been used to transport profiles at 500ºC.
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The Green Roller
The Green Roller™ is an equally exciting new development but for different reasons. It is a high quality run out roller sleeve that is highly suitable for the majority of roller positions outside of the initial lead out area (hot zone).
They are designed to take the hot extrusion from the Gold Roller™ at a suitable point
determined from experience on each system. The exciting aspect of the Green Roller™ is the very low cost in comparison with competitors run out roller sleeves.
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The Blue Roller
The Blue Roller is manufactured from a combination of inexpensive textile fibres enhanced by impregnation with tough, yet low cost, resins. The resulting sleeve offers tremendous resilience and abrasion resistance coupled with an ability to resist temperatures of 250ºC. Most run out roller sleeves used after the stretcher are limited to an absolute maximum of 150ºC. no matter what type of material they are constructed from.
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Transfer Belts
Since 1976 Marathon has been supplying the aluminium industry with very heavy woven nylon belts used on forging machinery. The advent of automated handling systems within the extrusion side of the industry gave us an opportunity to extend our product range to embrace high temperature transfer belts which are an integral part of all installations.
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