Copsil UltiMat™  The new generation of press pads


In 1995 Marathon launched the Copsil woven press pads for compensation purposes in short-cycle lamination presses.  As the first pads to use silicone elastomer instead of the traditional woven textile fibres, this innovative technology produced a compensating medium of unsurpassed performance.


Since then, Copsil™ has enjoyed an enviable reputation worldwide, but the demands of the short-cycle laminate industry have driven further development of the original concept of woven silicone pads. The requirements when laminating medium and high density boards, including embossed-in-register design flooring, have placed exacting demands on compensating pads.


As a result of ongoing development and improvements to the established Copsil™ press pads, Marathon has introduced Copsil UltiMat™, the next generation of press pads.


The unique construction of the Copsil UltiMat™, with an innovative ‘collapsible weft’ and modified silicone construction, results in a press pad with much improved compensation and increased life cycle expectancy.


The wire threads making up the core of the silicone sheath now lie substantially parallel to one another. In use, when pressurised in the laminate press, the core structure collapses as the threads making up the core move relative to one another and the core tends to flatten out. This increases the springiness and compensation capability of the press pad without any loss of heat transfer.


The use of a modified silicone elastomer in the new development pad has a greater resistance to volatiles emanating from the lamination process.


For further details on the Copsil UltiMat™ or any of our Copsil™ press pad range, please contact us at

The Future

The basic concept of using silicone elastomer, a material which is reluctant to take on a new configuration even after the application of intense pressure, opens up new horizons for future development. 

Variations in silicone thickness and weave pattern will permit almost infinitely variable combinations of  compensation and heat transfer according to the demands from the industry.



Our technologists have developed innovative products which bring enormous benefits to laminators in the quest for improved methods and profits. They are not resting.

Further developments to find even better solutions are ongoing and will continue until all limiting boundaries have been overcome in the most economical and efficient manner.

We will continue to work together with the Laminate Industry for the Laminate Industry.


Copsil UltiMat  

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