Transfer Belts for the Aluminium Extrusion Industury

Since 1976 Marathon has been supplying the aluminium industry with very heavy woven nylon belts used on forging machinery. The advent of automated handling systems within the extrusion side of the industry gave us an opportunity to extend our product range to embrace high temperature transfer belts which are an integral part of all installations.

Our name has become synonymous with the aluminium industry as extruders have sought greater efficiency and cost control to remain competitive in global markets. We have enjoyed continuous growth over many years thanks to our successfully applied strategy outlined below.

We are committed to continuous development and production of a range of woven products within ultimate design parameters for use on aluminium extrusion handling systems.


We are committed to the maximum efficiency of manufacture coupled with the most competitive sourcing of raw materials to enable us to supply the industry at 'no nonsense' price levels. We are committed to heavy investment in stock to allow us to despatch a wide range of sizes within minimum delivery periods.

We are committed to extensive quality control throughout all stages of manufacture and all inspection records are kept for a minimum period of three years in accordance with our registration to ISO9001:2008.

Triton - For Runout, Transfer and Cooling.

Our high temperature belts & roller coverings are woven from Triton yarn which is a blend of aramid fibres with oxidised polyacrylonitrile fibres giving ultimate resistance to the extreme abrasive action of the sawn extruded profiles at temperatures in the order of 500C (930F).

Triton - Walking Beams

Marathon high temperature materials are ideal for adhesion to walking beams and moving runout slats to reduce the risk of marking profiles.

Polyester - For Stretcher Feed and Batching
There are many areas of extrusion handling plants, such as stretcher feed and batching belts, where our woven polyester can be used with excellent results. Temperature resistance is excellent at 180C (350F) and the low coefficient of surface friction allows extrusions to move freely without strain on the belt system.
Our standard belt widths are 80mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm and our standard thicknesses are 4.5mm, 6.0mm and 8.0mm. Any combination of other widths and thicknesses can be readily woven. We are the only manufacturers able to produce large section belting made from 100% high temperature materials needed for transporting heavier extrusions.

Our price levels are extremely competitive because we are the initial manufacturer and we supply directly to the end user without the usual on-costs of distribution. A fax is all we need to execute rapid despatch to any plant in the world by seafreight, airfreight or courier.

The trend towards increasingly heavy extrusions on belt handling systems is an exciting challenge for the future. This is one of our heavy looms capable of producing belts far beyond the current needs of the industry. Solid woven belting is always far superior to laminated styles.

Photographs courtesy of Remi Claeys Aluminium NV, Belgium and the manufacturer of the equipment, Edwards of Enfield UK. This plant, which is exclusively fitted with Marathon belts and roller coverings, produces extrusions to 50kg/m (34lbs/ft) in both commercial and hard alloys. The pale green belts are Triton for transfer and cooling and the black belts are polyester for stretcher feed and batching. Both types are 200mm (8") wide. 


All joints are sewn without the use of adhesive, giving a tensile strength approaching that of the original belt. Thickness is maintained constant over the joint.

All rollers for lead out, run out, and stretching support are covered in tubular woven Triton. Lift beams which assist the cooling belts are covered with a woven pad of Triton.

Distortion of the extrusion sometimes causes the complete extrusion weight of 2 tonnes to be transferred by only two belts - an excellent test for the sewn joint.


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Heavy Industrial Weavers

Some belt systems are designed to include tracking guides to stop lateral movement as the extrusion contracts. We are the only company able to weave the tracking guide integrally with the belt.

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